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Eventi a Cagliari

Events in Cagliari

Festivals and Celebrations May 1 Sant'Efisio continuously every 1st of May,in a religious procession of Cagliari S. Efisio... ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† May 1 Sant'Efisio continuously every 1st of May,in a religious procession of Cagliari S. Efisio, more notoriously known as the Feast of St. Efisio. The Town Council from that date took away the clear commitment to carry in procession the statue of the saint with all the honors of the case, since the same has repeatedly saved the city of Cagliari from the plague, Manzoni but also from a variety of French invasion or not, and every time we turned to officially S. Efisio there was a particularly timely and precise response and resolving the problem that each time you were faced with.The whole Sardinia is closely related to the devotion of the saint and every May 1st march in procession to Cagliari on the island with all the colors of the costumes of the various participating countries, but also the so-called "traccas" festively decorated carts pulled by oxen, to 'inside of which are exhibited the most genuine products of the earth, made of Sardinian and sweets on display in specially woven baskets and finally there are the knights of Campidano in traditional costumes of the country of origin in addition to knights so-called "militias" that were originally part of an armed escort from the church when the warrior saint of the district Stampace was carried in procession to the place of martyrdom happened to Nora (place twenty miles away from Cagliari), in order to avoid various assaults of robbers took possession of the jewels of the Holy or the statue itself.Among the prominent figures of the Feast of St. Efisio have to keep in mind is the "Alter Nos" (which now is in effect a representative of the City) and takes part in all the festivities in honor of the saint that go beyond the day of 1 May, but that last at least a month if not more, and the "Third Guardian" which is involved in all the religious organization and in resolving all the different tasks of various kinds relating to the Confraternity of S. Efisio, all brothers and sisters, and practical decisions for the organization of several events that revolve around the party and which take place along the route of the procession that lasts four days from 1 to 4 May from Cagliari, and continue Giorgino at (place where you change the coach of the countryside and cities with the clothes of the Saint), then go to Capoterra Sarroch, Villa S. Pietro, Pula and Nora and reverse path that is done May 4 (day of return of the statue in the city from Nora).In the Mediterranean you can safely say that apart from the processions that take place in Spain and to some degree attributable to that described above (for value and duration), that of S. Efisio is the most important if not the most important path length, number of participants, countries involved and typical of the costumes present a rare and incomparable beauty, some of which date back hundreds of years. Feast of St. Efisio ¬†only a religious procession and that every year is always the same and yet always different and that could very well be included in the UNESCO intangible heritage of humanity. INFORMATION:Service Tourism in Cagliari Piazza Alcide De Gasperi, 1¬† -¬† 7¬į PianoTel. +39 070.6778470 - Fax +39 070.6778500e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Organizing Secretariat S.C.S. di Ottavio NiedduVia Newton, 24 - 09100 CagliariTel. +39 070.487755 - +39 337.815776 - +39 339.7783353 - Fax +39 070.487755e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Holy WeekThe ceremony of Easter, "Sa Pasca Manna‚ÄĚ is a religious event, particularly acute and is divided into a series of rituals, processions and choral moments, by reviving the most significant moments of the Passion of Christ, deeply involving the faithful, but also tourists for the strong emotions they can arouse. Easter week is one of the most intense moments of the religious life of Cagliari. It is the celebration that keeps alive a centuries-old tradition that takes place in the old part of Cagliari, identifying, on that occasion, the four historic quarters with their churches. The fraternities involved in the rites of Holy Week in Cagliari are the Confraternity of Solitude, the Confraternity of the Holy Cross andBanner under the aegis of the Confraternity S. Efisio and martyr of the Marian Sodality Artieri of San Michele..In Cagliari, the Easter celebrations start on Friday (Good Friday) che preceding Palm Sunday, when the Procession of the Mysteries takes place (Is Misterius), , organized dall'Arciconfraternita of the Holy Cross. Following Tuesday Holy, , Holy Wednesday, Maundy Thursday Good Friday,, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday.. ¬† Carnival:¬†


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